Летти Уайтрок

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Letty Whiterock

Раса Юки-онна
Способности Управлять холодом
Возраст Не имеет возраста; существует как сезонный феномун
Занятия Неизвестны
Место жительства Везде, где зима
  • Cirno (неизвестны)
Официальные игры

Letty is a seasonal youkai who's only seen during winter. Although she attacks the heroine early during Perfect Cherry Blossom she's half-hearted about it, so her true power isn't seen. She seems fittingly cold towards most of the humans she meets.

Fun Facts[править]

  • She is said to have a larger hit box than other bosses, probably to make it easier for newbies. However, this fact led to a fan theory that she is fat.
  • She melts at the end of winter in some fan comics.
  • In some fan comics, she sometimes is seen in a freezer or refrigerator.
  • Letty's name and personality is based on the character Letitia "Letty" Blacklock from Agatha Christie's book "A Murder is Announced".
  • The lapel on her dress resembles the alchemical symbol for silver, coinciding with her theme,'Crystallized Silver'.

Official Profiles[править]

Perfect Cherry Blossom - キャラ設定.txt[править]

Letty Whiterock ○冬の忘れ物









What Winter Left Behind

Letty Whiterock

Stage 1 boss. A youkai of the winter season who can be found in places without heat. Her ability mainly allows her to control cold.

Letty is happiest during winter. She gets in the way of Reimu and her companions because they threaten to put an end to her time of greatest happiness.

However, Letty and her fellow winter spirits as well as sufferers of hay fever know well that spring, a season of depression, comes every year. She accepts that fact and never attacks players seriously.

When spring comes, she will disappear to unknown whereabouts.

Book Synopsis[править]

Bohemian Archive in Japanese Red[править]

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Perfect Memento in Strict Sense[править]

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