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Music List[править]

There were no comments for the original versions of these songs in Highly Responsive to Prayers; ZUN's comments here are all for the rearranged versions found in Mystic Square's Music Room. Many of the comments talk about how the Mystic Square arrangement differs from the original.

Title screen
A Sacred Lot {{{titleRU}}}


This is pretty awesomely reborn, I think.

And yet, it really takes me back...

Theme of Levels 1-4, Hell Levels 16-19
永遠の巫女 Eternal Shrine Maiden
このメロディは、自分の中では衝撃的で、いまでも曲を作るとき、思わず弾いてしまいます。 This melody had quite an impact on me. Even now, I'll find myself playing it when I compose music.
th1_01.txt from 東方幻想的音楽


東方靈異伝より【 永遠の巫女 】です。 すべてはこの曲から始まったわけです。で、いにしえのこの曲を復活させてみました。 で、元曲の暗さを残しつつ激しくアレンジしたつもりです。

てゆーか、私のお気に入りのジャズピアニストで作曲家でもある、松居慶子さんの影響 受けまくりのつもり(衝撃的なピアノのあたり) でも、影響は受けてるけど、結果いつもの私となんら変わってないやね(^^;;

それにしても、他の曲と似てるはずなのに、この曲は異様に暗く感じる・・・ 暗黒時代の代表作だね(謎) でもでも、自分にとっては特別な曲でもあります。原点ですね。

ではまた次の曲で逢いましょうか ZUN

Thank you for downloading this song.

This is "Eternal Shrine Maiden" from Highly Responsive to Prayers. Meaning, everything started with this song. So I decided to revive this song from ancient times. I planned to arrange it quite a bit, while still leaving in the dark glumness from the original piece.

That said, I tried to take most of the influence for the arrangement from a famous jazz pianist and composer, Keiko Matsui (around the shocking piano part). Though there might be some of her influence in there, in the end it doesn't really differ from my stuff at all (^^;;

Even so, even though it's supposed to resemble the other songs, you can feel an out-of-place darkness in this song... I guess it's the representative work from the Dark Ages (mystery). But still, it's a special song for me. As the starting point.

Well then, let us meet again in the next song, shall we? ZUN

SinGyoku's theme
The Positive and Negative {{{titleRU}}}

(コード進行はあんまり変わらん(^^; )

I get the feeling there are a few melodic differences from my current music. What could they be...?

(The chord progression hasn't changed much. (^^; )

Theme of Makai Levels 6-9 and Credits theme
Highly Responsive to Prayers {{{titleRU}}}


I arranged an old musical piece, and now this one feels really gloomy.

It's a calm piece, which really is a rarity for this game, isn't it.

Theme of Hell Levels 6-9
東方怪奇談 Eastern Strange Discourse


I composed this song for the first game I ever made, so I put quite a bit of thought into it.

All the "Touhou OOO"-style game titles also stem from this piece.

th1_04.txt from 東方幻想的音楽


東方霊異伝より【 東方怪奇談 】です。

この曲は、私の中でもっとも歴史のある(つーか、古いだけ(^^;)曲の一つで 事あるごとに弾いてる、もう弾き慣れた曲です。

でも、アレンジし直すとなるとなかなか苦労しました。 実はかなりオリジナルに忠実です。オリジナルはFM音源版より前のMIDI版(未発表) で、あの頃は、自分で考えてたメロディが流れるだけで満足だったんですが(^^;

私が東方Project を始めたのもこの曲がきっかけだったりします。東洋風な曲を創りた かったのですしね。 感慨深いです。ほんと。(っつー、曲調でもないが(^^;)

ではまた次の曲で逢いましょうか ZUN

Thank you for downloading this song.

This is "Eastern Strange Discourse" from Highly Responsive to Prayers.

This song is, to me, one of the most historic (well, it's really just old (^^;), so I play it every now and then, such that I've gotten quite used to it.

But when I tried to arrange it, it was pretty difficult. In reality, it's pretty faithful to the original. The original MIDI version (unreleased), as opposed to the FM version. In those days, I was satisfied with just creating a melody that I thought up, so... (^^;

This song was also the opportunity for me to start the Touhou Project and stuff. Since I wanted to create a mix of an eastern and western feel in my songs. It fills me with emotion. Seriously. (Well, maybe not the tune itself, but... (^^;)

Well then, let us meet again in the next song, shall we? ZUN

YuugenMagan and Mima's theme
天使伝説 Angel's Legend

今も大差無い様だけど、なぜか昔の曲の方が重い~(^^;; というか今の曲の方が軽いのか?(そんなことも無いような・・・)

This piece is the model for my current boss themes.

It doesn't seem a lot different now, but somehow the older song has WEIGHT to it (^^;; Or maybe it's that the current pieces are light? (I don't think that's it either...)

Theme of Makai Levels 11-14
Oriental Magician {{{titleRU}}}


This might be a catchy arrangement, since it was originally sooo dark.

Looks like I inadvertently made all the songs Japanese style...totally different from how I do it now. (;_;)

Theme of Hell Levels 11-14
破邪の小太刀 Blade of Banishment


This is the most bright-eyed song in the game, I think.

So I tried arranging it to emphasize that feel.

Elis and Kikuri's theme
魔鏡 Magic Mirror

中盤戦には欠かせないよね、こういう曲(ちょっぴり謎)。 でま~、いまの曲も大差ないんだが。

This piece has a pretty good feel to it.

This kind of tune (with a touch of mystery) is indispensable for mid-game. Well, not that my current stuff's all that different.

Theme of Makai Levels 16-19
the Legend of KAGE {{{titleRU}}}


This is the second song in my heart, composed right after "Strange Oriental Discourse".

Originally, the tempo was pretty messed up, so I slowed it a bit.

th1_10.txt from 東方幻想的音楽


東方靈異伝より【 The Legend of KAGE 】です。


この曲、私が創ったゲーム用の曲の中で2番目に当たる奴です。曲のタイトルがなぜ これかっていうと、そのゲームというのは(靈異伝ではなく)Cの勉強がてら創ったゲームで、 登場キャラに(何故か)影がいて、そいつのテーマ曲だったからです。(あぁ、なつかしい(^^;)

ちなみに、最初に創ったゲーム曲は【 東方怪奇談 】、その曲はそのゲームのキャラの1人 (何故か)小夜ちゃんのテーマ曲。他に、ダインとかトレミーとか(レゲーばっか・・・(笑)) いる謎なゲームだったな~。(あ、なんのゲーム分かんない人もいるかもしんないね、世の中知 らなくて良いことはいくらでも有るので略)

これらの曲を創る以前は、耳コピ曲(主にゲームの)6割、オリジナル3割位で曲を創って いましたが、それ以降耳コピ曲は創らなくなりましたね(理由、面倒だから) でも、無性に作りたい場合もなくは無いですが。 ところで、残り1割は?(^^;

曲自体は、個人的解釈の忍者をイメージして、思う存分自分にゅーえいぢ風に。 忍者は格好良く、おしゃれであるべきだと思う。基本的に忍者も大好きなんですが、結局、 東方には出てきませんでしたね(理由、少女じゃないから)あと、くのいちは嫌い(笑) そんなこんなで、あとにも先にも忍者がテーマな東方曲はこの曲だけ。 (過去にオリジナルの曲で忍者テーマはいくつか有ったが)

それにしても、覚えていなかったので(もう7~8年前の曲である)ほとんど、忠実にしざ るを得ない状態でしたが、このとんでもないドラムパターンにびっくり。 今回はそのまま、とんでもなく激しいドラムをそのまま残してあります。そのまま。 これを生演奏できる人がいたら、私は近寄りません。いやほんと。

ではまた次の曲で逢いましょうか ZUN

Thank you for downloading this song.

This song is "The Legend of KAGE" from Highly Responsive to Prayers.

I chose a song like New Year's. (What?)

This song is about the second I wrote for use in a game I created. Why is the title that, you ask? That game I'm referring to (not Highly Responsive to Prayers) is a game I made having studied from C, and one of the characters (for some reason) had a shadow, and this was their theme song. (Ah, how nostalgic (^^;)

On that note, the first song I composed for a game was "Eastern Strange Discourse", and that song was the theme song of one of the characters, Koya-chan (for some reason). There were also Dain, Ptolemy... (all taken from retro games, LOL)) it was a mysterious game indeed. (Ah, there might be some that don't know what game I'm talking about, but there's some things in this world that it's okay not to know about, so I abbreviated it)

Before I did this song, I was making simple transcriptions (mostly from games) 60% of the time, and creating original pieces about 30% of the time. But after that, I stopped making the transcriptions altogether (because it was a pain). Though, that's not to say I never ever want to make them. By the way, what's the other 10%? (^^;

This song itself is an interpretation of my personal image of a ninja, in as much of a "new age" style as I could manage. I think ninjas are cool and should be fashionable. I like ninjas in and of themselves, too, but in the end, they didn't end up appearing in Touhou (because they're not girls). Also, I hate kunoichi (LOL). So for those reasons, this will probably be the only ninja theme song in Touhou. (In the past there were several original ninja theme songs I made, though)

Anyway, I didn't really remember it(this song is from seven or eight years ago), so it's not totally faithful to the original, but the crazy drum pattern was surprising. This time, I left in the crazy drums. I left them in. If there is someone who can actually play that, I will not go near them. No, really.

Well then, let us meet again in the next song, shall we? ZUN

Makai Final Stage theme 1 / Sariel's first theme
いざ、倒れ逝くその時まで Now, Until the Moment You Die


Nice piece for endgame, huh? Once you finally get here, it doesn't feel all that Japanese, does it.

This may be a lot easier on the ears than the original piece.

Makai Final Stage theme 2 / Sariel's second theme
死なばもろとも (TH01 music test) We Shall Die Together (TH01 music test)

Civilization of Magic (TH05 arrange)


本当はタイトル用に作った曲なんですが、ちょっと使えなくて・・・ アレンジではタイトルっぽく仕上げてみました。(この曲はお気に入り)

I've almost never used this piece. It's only used for a brief moment in the game.

I actually composed this for its title, so I couldn't use it afterward... For the arrangement, I tried touching it up to give the feel of its title. (This piece is my favorite.)

Hell Final Stage theme / Konngara's theme
星幽剣士 (TH01 music test)

星幽天使 (TH05 arrange)

Swordsman of a Distant Star (TH01 music test)

Angel of a Distant Star (TH05 arrange)


短いフレーズを寄せ集めてます。 それでもアレンジで大分ましになったのかな?

This song unfolds so fast, it's like, "Are you kidding me?".

It puts together short phrases. And yet, did arranging it make it much better?

Ending theme
アイリス Iris

桃源郷が見えてきそうだし。 (だいたい謎)

Short and sweet. Please envision irises.

You might even see Shangri-La. (It's pretty mysterious.)

th1_14.txt from 東方幻想的音楽


東方靈異伝より【 アイリス 】です。 久しぶりに神社風な曲を創りたくなったので(発作のようなもの)創ってみました(ぉ で、この曲が一番神社っぽかったのでアレンジしてみました。


で、アイリスってもちろんあのアイリスとは関係ないです。もっとも、靈異伝を創ったときは まだ、某サクラの出る前でしたけど。誤解のないように

(アイリス == 梅雨時の雨上がりの中の神社) というイメージです(ほんとかよ(笑))。

ではまた次の曲で逢いましょうか ZUN

Thank you for downloading this song.

This is "Iris" from Highly Responsive to Prayers. I suddenly wanted to make a shrine-like song for the first time in a while (like a spasm) so I made one (oh!). Since this song was the most shrine-like, I arranged it.

I wanted to make it exhaustingly oriental, and put in an atmosphere of a pub.

Also, "Iris" is of course unrelated to *that* Iris. Indeed, though, when I made Highly Responsive to Prayers, it was still before the cherry blossoms bloomed, though. Just so we're clear.

(Iris == the inside of a shrine during a rain in the rainy season) is the image here (are you serious? LOL)

Well then, let us meet again in the next song, shall we? ZUN

Unused Track
風の神社 Shrine of the Wind

Примечания: This song was unused in Highly Responsive to Prayers and was not included with the Mystic Square rearrangements.