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Навык 1

Файл:HM Ichirin Skill 01-card.png № 1: 垂雲の鉄槌
Iron Fist of Hanging Cloud
Стоимость: 400
Вера: Синтоизм (): ±0, Даосизм (): +1, Буддизм (): ±0
Комментарий: 雲山自慢の拳が天から鉄槌を下す

見た目どおりの巨大な判定を誇る上 装備位置で落とす場所を選択できる気配り 雲山とどう付き合っていいか分からないなら この技から入ると良いだろう 古来より男の会話は拳と相場が決まっている

Перевод: The fist Unzan is proud of gives a crushing blow from sky

It has huge attackbox just as its appearance, on top of that, it is well though to be adjusted where to drop it depending on the equipment position. If you are not sure how to deal with Unzan, you should start with this move From the ancient time, men's conversations are done by fist, that's what people say.

Навык 2

Файл:HM Ichirin Skill 02-card.png № 2: 一握りの浮雲
Handful of Floating Cloud
Стоимость: 300
Вера: Синтоизм (): ±0, Даосизм (): ±0, Буддизм (): +1
Комментарий: 上に伸びた雲山の手で相手を捕まえ投げ飛ばす

豪快な見た目だがガードは普通にできる 普通に防御を無視して掴めそうなものだが そうしないのは雲山の優しさなのだろうか? 兎に角相手を積極的に掴むべし掴むべし

Перевод: With Unzan's arm that stretches upward, catches opponent and throw her away

It has dynamic appearance, but you can block it. It seems like he could ignore the blocking and grab, but not to do so is the kindness of Unzan? {oh dear, awkward phrasing} Anyway, aggressively grab and grab.

Навык 3

Файл:HM Ichirin Skill 03-card.png № 3: 小さな神立雲
Small Kamitate Cloud
Стоимость: 500
Вера: Синтоизм (): ±0, Даосизм (): +1, Буддизм (): ±0
Комментарий: 帯電した雲山から周囲へ電撃放射

放電までに時間は掛かるが届く範囲は広い 装備位置を前にすると雲山が一輪から離れ 独立して放電して二人の同時攻撃が可能になるが 雲山が戻ってくるまで一輪の行動に制限が付く

Перевод: Emits electricity from the electrified Unzan to his surroundings.

It takes awhile before emitting electricity, but the range that it reaches is wide. If you equip it to the front, Unzan separates from Ichirin and independently emits electricity and enables the simultaneous attack of the two, but until Unzan comes back Ichirin's movements are limited.

Навык 4

Файл:HM Ichirin Skill 04-card.png № 4: 怒りの走雲
Raging Running Cloud
Стоимость: 600
Вера: Синтоизм (): ±0, Даосизм (): ±0, Буддизм (): +1
Комментарий: 前方の相手を雲山の拳骨乱打でボコボコにする

手数重視で一発は軽いがまとめて叩き込まれると たまった物ではない 装備位置を前にすると雲山が単独で相手に殴りかかる飛び道具のような攻撃に変化する

Перевод: Smack the hell out of opponent in front of you

It's weighing more of number of attacks, so each are light, but if you get smacked with bunch of them, that's not really pleasant If you equip this to the front, it changes to a projectile like attack in which Unzan alone goes out to punch the opponent.


Спелл-карта 1

Файл:HM Ichirin Spell 01-card.png № 1: 嵐符「仏罰の野分雲」
Стоимость: 0
Вера: Синтоизм (): ±0, Даосизм (): ±0, Буддизм (): +1
Комментарий: 一輪の周囲へ雲山が出鱈目に拳骨を食らわせる

スペルカードだけあって威力も見た目も豪快な大技 やっていることは単純だが、この二人に掛かれば スケールだけで相手を圧倒する大嵐となってしまう

Перевод: Around Ichirin, Unzan blindly punches around

As expected of a Spell Card, it's a great attack with impressive damage and appearance. Although what they do are simple, with those two doing it, it becomes an overwhelming storm just by the scale. Huh? Only Unzan is the one making a effort into it?

Спелл-карта 2

Файл:HM Ichirin Spell 02-card.png № 2: 積乱「見越し入道雲」
Accumulating Disorder "Cumulonimbus Cloud"
Стоимость: 0
Вера: Синтоизм (): ±0, Даосизм (): ±0, Буддизм (): +1
Комментарий: 雲山共々回転し周囲を乱打する力任せスペルカード

左右へ移動でき都合の良いように調整が可能 宣言さえ済ませておけばさまざまな攻撃から 連続攻撃として食らわせられる

Перевод: It's a forcible Spell Cart that beats up the surronding by spinning along with Unzan.

You can move to the sides and can make adjustments as needed. If you had done Declaring before hand, it can be connected from various attacks as combos.

Спелл-карта 3

Файл:HM Ichirin Spell 03-card.png № 3: 「華麗なる親父時代」
Splendid Age of Old Man
Стоимость: 0
Вера: Синтоизм (): ±0, Даосизм (): ±0, Буддизм (): ±0
Комментарий: 人気の声に応え雲山が本気を出して戦闘に参加

時代は空前の親父ブームである この間一輪ではなく雲山を操作して戦闘 雲山は各種打撃と射撃が使用可能で 打撃の範囲、威力は凄まじく防御を固めても 容易く捻り潰してしまえるだろう

Перевод: Responding to the voice of popular demand, Unzan becomes serious and joins the fight

The age is now unprecedented old man boom While this attack, you play not Ichirin but Unzan to fight Unzan can use various melee and bullets and the range and damage of the melee are impressive, so even the opponent decides to turtle, you can easily crush her.

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