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The Crimson Watchguard

藤原 妹紅

Huziwara no Mokou

職業: 不明

Occupation: Unknown

能力: 死なない程度の能力

Ability: Power of not dying

住んでいる所: 迷いの竹林の何処か

Residence: Somewhere in the Bamboo Forest of Lost


There's a special legend about the Bamboo Forest of Lost.


It's said that a group of specialized youkai exterminators, separate from the villagers, lived hidden there, with the ability to move quickly, yet silently, and use various magics like youkai, and went after and cleaned up particularly strong and dangerous youkai, though their existence has been questioned recently (*1).


However, with the recent discovery of Eientei in the Bamboo Forest of Lost, the possibility of such a group's existence seems more plausible.


About that time, I encountered a person who could be easily mistaken for a descendant of such a group.


That person is Huziwara no Mokou.


She is human, but they say she never ages and cannot be destroyed. Because she has lived for so long, she has learned various magics, and can be said to be on equal footing with youkai.


Because she's human she exterminates youkai, but she treats them lightly, and primarily rescues lost humans from the youkai.


It's said she doesn't mingle with youkai or the humans from the village, but primarily lives hidden in the Bamboo Forest of Lost.


When asked about her connection to the legendary exterminators, she feigns innocence.


She doesn't seem to concern herself much with humans, and leaves without saying a word even when she rescues lost people.




She possesses a body that doesn't age and cannot be destroyed.


She is essentially unaging and immortal.


Such a body heals unusually quickly, and even critical injuries will be completely healed in a matter of days (*2).


However, she still feels the pain of her injuries; you could say this is the melancholy of perpetual longevity.


It's said that humans can only achieve immortality by becoming a celestial, but somehow she has managed to become immortal.


She seems to appear before others more often recently, but it's unknown as to why.


She never speaks even when posed this question, so it remains a mystery.




Recently, she seems to have come into some sort of understanding with the villagers, and will serve as an escort through the forest to anyone who asks.


She can be relied on to lead villagers to Eientei e.g. in the case of sudden illness.


She will lead you to Eientei without fear of being lost or accosted by youkai.


During that time, she'll remain fairly reticent (*3) about herself, but she seems to be happy to listen to others talk about their own affairs.


She may be immortal, but since she's not a celestial, her way of thinking is not dissimilar to most humans.


We may be able to learn more as she becomes more accustomed to speaking freely with others.

*1: 忍者集団と考えられていた。

1: They're often thought of as a ninja group.

*2: 髪の毛一本でも残っていれば、そこから元通りになるという。

2: It's said she could be regenerated if even a single hair remains.

*3: 自分は健康マニアの焼鳥屋だ、としか言わない。

3: All she says is, "I'm a health nut that runs a yakitori stand."