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第九十五季 卯月の三

Season 95 (1980), 3rd of Uzuki (April)


What Would the Propriety of Mist Nets Be?


The Identity of The Nets being set on Vertically


A conference was held to discuss the propriety of mist nets. A mist net is a net that is set vertically in the mountains, and since you may get caught by it when you are half-asleep, It is suppose to be taken away when found, but had been immediately set back again, making them play a cat and a mouse game. There was no clue of the person who and why he/she had set it for a long time, but recently the mystery have been solved.


It is said that mist nets are there for gathering mist floating in air. Mist is the main diet of hermit, and it is to be on the market for a relatively high price. The ones who have invented the tool were Kappa.


Truly the economy will rise if the mist could be caught and sold. But the net making harm for the birds which was an unignorable issue that still existed, the conference went hot.


The Hermit living in Youkai Mountain, Kasen Ibaraki says:

「あ、いや、霞って……網で捕まえるもんだったんですか? それはともかく、野生の鳥に被害が出るのであれば、禁止した方が良くありませんか?」

"Um, sorry, but did you just say you catch mist by a net?. Be that as it may, shouldn't we need to ban them, if they're causing harm to the wild birds?"


The Kappa remain aggressive claiming that "We will just make improvement to stop the harm if there is any, we have the right to catch mist.".


Regarding this, Kasen replies:


"We don't just eat mist. And even if we do eat them we could simply get it somewhere around....... I mean, who does buy such things?"


The conclusion of the conference was: "Nets which have affect to a flying living thing will be banned.". Shortly, it looked like the Kappa had made a new version of a mist net which will only catch mist, but predictably the sales of mist will not be that good and the number of mist nets will fall. But the technology to catch mist efficiently would be used somewhere in the future.

(射命丸 文)

(Aya Shameimaru)

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