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That morning was a little dark, as if something was blocking the sunlight.

Could it be because of the morning fog that had unexpectedly appeared in the middle of summer?



Having leapt out of your home into the mist you were expecting to let you forget about the heat,

it is no wonder you would be surprised to see "that" swaying before your eyes.



This human-shaped "that", venting disgusting tepid steam,

staggered forward and looked as if it were gazing up at the mountain.



--From up on the mountain, as hot and noisy as it always was in the summer,

she gazed down upon the human-shaped "that".


初めは異形なる者に対して畏怖から、まともに儀式も行えなかったが、 今ではすっかり馴染み、違和感なく通常の仕事を行う事が出来た。

It had already been two years since she first came to Gensokyo.

At first, she was so scared of its strange inhabitants that she squarely refused to even perform her rituals, but now she was on friendly terms with them, and could perform her usual work just fine.


勿論、そう思ってしまったら必ず驚かされるのが幻想郷である。 そこが外の世界にはない幻想郷の長所であった。

She thought she would not be surprised by anything any more. But of course, Gensokyo is the kind of place that will surprise anyone who believes so.

That is one of Gensokyo's strong points in comparison to the outside world.


人影は神社よりも遥かにでかい、彼女にとっての古典的な表現では 十階建ての高層ビル位はあるだろうか。


From the Moriya Shrine, she had seen the shape of a giant human.

It was taller by far than the shrine itself. In her own old-fashioned terms, it was on the scale of a ten-story highrise. To her, it looked like a giant robot from anime she watched when she was younger.


まるで生きているかの様に動く人影は、時には山に望み、時には里を睨み そして突然霧に包まれたあと、不気味なほど静かに消えた。

But for a robot, it moved too smoothly.

It moved as if alive, sometimes looking longingly at the mountain, sometimes glaring down at the village. And suddenly, it was wrapped in fog, disappearing in eerie silence.



When she informed Kanako of what she had seen, Kanako told her about the "Brocken Spectre".

The Brocken Spectre is a weather phenomenon where your own shadow is reflected in the mist as a seemingly giant figure.


そう考えてしまう自分の思考回路が面白くなかった。 だから彼女は、あの影は里を襲う巨大ロボだと思う事にした。 そう考えると調査が楽しいからである。

But no matter whether it actually was just a weather phenomenon,

just accepting that would take all the fun out of imagining what it could be. So she decided to believe it was a giant robot attacking the village below. That way, it would be fun to investigate.


霧が出てきたのは人影が出た後だったし、 何より、ここは何が起こってもおかしくない場所、幻想郷なのだから。

Yes, this was definitely no shadow reflected in the mist.

The mist had appeared after the human-shaped form, but most importantly, this was Gensokyo, a place where nothing, no matter how unexpected, is ever strange.



The little fairy was excited as ever.

Today it was because she had seen that thing that was taller than a mountain.


視覚から感じる印象は大差はない。 すぐに霧に包まれ見えなくなってしまったが、彼女は確信していた。 アレは、大妖怪「だいだらぼっち」に違いない。

Of course, it was it was also further away than the mountains, so it wasn't very big,

but from looking at it, she felt there wasn't much of a difference between them. It had quickly been enveloped in mist and she lost sight of it, but she was sure of what she'd seen. That was the great youkai "Daidarabotchi", no doubt about it.


珍しい妖怪を見たと興奮したのもつかの間 妖怪の山から巫女が下りてきた。

With no idea where it would live,

but filled with excitement at seeing such a rare youkai, the shrine maiden had left the Youkai Mountain.

「この辺で巨大ロ……、大きな動く物を見たりしていない?」 "Have you seen a giant ro... a large moving thing around here?"
巫女はそういうと、霧の中を探し始めたのである。 Asked the shrine maiden, starting her search through the mist.


The little fairy for some reason felt annoyed by this,

and felt that since she had seen it first, it should belong to her.

「だいだらぼっちなんて見てないよ」 "I haven't seen anything like a Daidarabotchi!"


She answered, to fool the shrine maiden.

She then set out to search for the great youkai on her own, out of pure curiosity.


門番である彼女は、紅魔館の主であるレミリア・スカーレットに 何やら報告していたが、 主は軽く聞き流していた。

The Scarlet Devil Mansion was as busy that day as it always was.

The gatekeeper was giving a report to the mistress of the house, Remilia Scarlet, who was cheerfully paying it no mind.


朝方、山の麓に巨大な人影を見たのである。 そして、生ぬるい霧をまき散らし、消えてしまった。

The gate keeper was feeling a vague sense of unease.

During the morning, she had seen the shape of a giant human at the foot of the mountain. It had then vented tepid steam around it, and disappeared.



What could it have been?

It was as big as the giant bird Peng, and spewed ominous smoke. She was sure of it.

アレは凶事の顕形「太歳星君」の影である。 It was the shape of "Taisui Xingjun", the Embodiment of Misfortune.

手を取り合って戦わないといけない凶神が現れたのだと、 紅魔館の主に報告していたのだ。

Finally, all the youkai of Gensokyo

must stand together and fight this evil god that has appeared in their midst, she reported to the mistress of the Scarlet Devil Mansion.

勿論それは聞き入れられなかった。 Needless to say, her recommendation was not heeded.


That was what she thought.

But perhaps she exaggerated a bit, in order to liven up her dull everyday life a little.

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