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Crossfire Barrage

918 байт убрано, 21:00, 12 апреля 2012
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| titleen =Crossfire Barrage
| image =PAEG-0008.jpg
| banner =PAEG-0008 banner.jpg
| released =25 мая 2008-05-25
| convention =Comiket 75
| tracks =10
| catalogno =PAEG-0008
| website =[http://cb.crowsclaw.info/ LinkСсылка]
| length =47:15
| arranger ={{lang|ja|鷹}} ([[CROW'SCLAWCROW’SCLAW]])
| illustrator ={{lang|ja|乾ぬい}} ([http://coschic.gonna.jp/ COSMIC CHICKEN])
| other_staff =
; Гитара и бас
: {{lang|ja|鷹}} ([[CROW'SCLAWCROW’SCLAW]])
| description =Инструментальный альбом, включающий аранжировки из [[Lotus Land Story]], [[Mystic Square]], [[Embodiment of Scarlet Devil]], [[Perfect Cherry Blossom]], [[Imperishable Night]], [[Phantasmagoria of Flower View]] и [[Mountain of Faith]].
| tracklist =
** источник: {{MoF}}
| review = '''Crossfire Barrage''' is an impressive metal arrange album. '''CROW’SCLAW''' has done an exceptional job here, and remains one of my favourite metal albums. The range of selected themes is wide, from seven separate [[Touhou]] games. There is no messing around with this album — it cuts straight to ten solid, well-performed tracks, all of equal stature. '''Puppet Of The Magus, Pt.1''' is a much longer track than the rest, and consists of several distinct phases rolling into one-another. This may not be suited to listeners who simply want to listen to a bit of metal music and be done with it, but do not let this detract from the album as a whole. Some listeners may find the lack of variation in style rather dull, but for somebody who really enjoys heavy, instrumental metal, it is very fitting indeed. This remains one of my most preferred works, and I hope it may become one of yours too. Lithium_C 05:39, 27 May 2011 (UTC)