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The Infobox Character is used for character pages. Copy the following box and fill it in. Extra notes are after the box, how to use can be read on the "Standardization of Character Pages" guidelines. If you want to have a "character" infobox in your user page it is suggested to use Infobox Person instead.


{{Infobox Character
| nameJp           =Name in Japanese
| nameEn           =Name in English
| nameIPA          =Name pronunciation in Japanese IPA (with soundfile link)
| nameAlt          =An alternative name for the character, or alternative/incorrect romanization possibly in use
| image            =Image of the latest appearance of the character
| caption          =Caption that goes under the image
| chartitle        =Character title
| nickname         =Character's official nickname (not be confused with nameAlt)
| species          =What species is the character (see their official profile)
| abilities        =Abilities of the character (see their official profile)
| age              =Age of the character
| occupation       =The occupation of the character
| location         =Where does the character live
| MusicThemes      =Official music themes
| appOfficialgames =Any appearances in official games
| appPrintworks    =Any appearances in print works
| appMusicCDs      =Any appearances in music CDs
| appMiscworks     =Any appearances in miscellaneous works by ZUN, one-off images, etc.
| appOther         =Any appearances in other works (Seihou, Samidare, etc.)



The pronunciation of the name in Japanese IPA. Any soundfiles that demonstrate the pronunciation should be linked here.


The official title for a character. When it is in Japanese, use {{H:title}}. Use the most common one for a character.

For example: "Shrine Maiden of Paradise" rather than "Flying Mysterious Shrine Maiden" (from Double Spoiler)

The official nickname for a character.

For example "Captain Murasa" (ムラサ船長).

For most characters a age has never been specified. For those leave it out, unless there is a 100% certain change a character is approximately 1000 years old. You may add "immortal" (applies for few characters) or "deceased".


The official music themes where it has been specified it is the characters their music theme. Again, also use here {{H:title}}.

For example, "The Youkai Mountain ~ Mysterious Mountain" is Aya's theme, but also appeared in Double Spoiler, not as her theme. The latter should not be added.

The character appeared in the media, mostly physically (though, dialogue isn't necessary. So being "mentioned" doesn't apply here (but may be added in "Trivia") and "Official Sources".