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 Эссе: Ая Сямеймару 1


Letters to the editor


Garbage is for Garbage Day


Not a single day goes by without this annoying newspaper forced on us, so is this the correct address for writing a complaint? It is very troublesome when the fairies who should be working treat it like a toy and end up making a huge mess with it. If you absolutely must do a delivery, then please deliver it straight to the garbage bin. Thank you.


(Scarlet Devil Mansion Maid)


Me as Danmaku Fortune Teller


I am the Danmaku Researcher, as acknowledged by both myself and others. This time, I tried coming up with a new application for danmaku by combining it with fortune telling. Danmaku come in numerous patterns with many different ways to deal with each. Isn't that just like life itself? As someone who thinks that, I'd say it was inevitable that I applied danmaku for fortune telling. If you want a more detailed fortune telling, come visit the Forest of Magic.


(Kirisame Magic Shop Owner)


Big Hopes for the Serialization!


I always look forward to reading the "Bunbunmaru Newspaper". It is always fair and unbiased, and waiting for the next issue to arrive always feels too long. I have heard you are going to have a try at a "Weekly Magazine" next. I anticipate the contents of that would be just as wonderful.


(Wishes to stay anonymous)

文々春新報 第一号

Bunbunharu Weekly Issue No.1

編集・発行人 射命丸文

Editor/Publisher: Aya Shameimaru

取材 執筆 編集 雑務

射命丸 文

Reporter / Author / Editor / Miscellaneous:

Aya Shameimaru

印刷 山伏天狗印刷所

Printed by: Yamabushi Tengu Print Shop


All rights reserved


Provision of information within Youkai Mountain

< Интервью: Гекатия Лапислазули   Alternative Facts in Eastern Utopia   Реклама: Рин Каэмбё
 Эссе: Ая Сямеймару 1