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< Рекламное объявление: Кейне Камисирасава и Хиэда-но Акю 
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At Least Let Our Dreams Be Peaceful! Sleep or Strange Dreams?
The Ominous “Rumors” Surrounding a Popular Pillow.


Recently, a strange rumor has been surfaced in the human village. It’s a story that many people have in common: “While asleep, they each meet a human of the exact same appearance.” As of now, there have been no reports of any real damage, so the frequency with which it comes up in conversation is still low. But at any rate, discontent at this ominousness is spreading amongst the humans. “Although after getting a hold of a reputable pillow, I was able to get a good night’s sleep, the ominous dreams are quite troubling,” complain all those who’ve seen the dream at this time.


And the Dream Apparition Asking Questions is…?


While collecting more data from victims, I learned that although the dreams of those who’ve met this dream persona are all summarily the same, the fine details are different.


“5. I’m going to change to something else starting tomorrow.”[1]


“If you don’t mind, tell your neighbor too…”


“2. I’m satisfied with it as is.”


“How does it feel to use it?”


“4. It’s not that great for me.”


“Should it be a little harder?”


“3. So-so”


“On a scale of 1 to 5, how would you rate it?”


“Should it be a little softer?”


“1. It’s great. My entire family wants to use it.”


Somehow, “the people who all meet the same figure in their dreams,” and no one else, all have the notable characteristic of loving Ms. Doremy’s Signature “Sweet Sleep Pillow.”


That very same pillow, and its fame for giving you a good night’s sleep, is popular not just in the human village, but also with the fairies. It’s a hit product. Naturally everyone wants a better quality of sleep. One third of the time you’re alive is devoted to sleep. If you think of it like this, isn’t the way to enrich that time across your entire life one of those big life questions? And if that’s the case, it’s natural that demands would arise in that area.


The connections surrounding the “Sweet Sleep Pillow” remain unclear. But now that sleeping is frightening, the investigation into the true situation must be hurried to prevent insomniacs from appearing.


A drawing of the apparition based on the testimonies of those who experienced the dream.

< Рекламное объявление: Кейне Камисирасава и Хиэда-но Акю 
Встреча: Три тэнгу 
 Alternative Facts in Eastern Utopia   Статья: Сагуме Кисин 1 >


  1. The short phrases below from here should be abstract of dialogs between dreamers and Doremy (consumers and the vendor). Doremy is doing a questionaire concerning the pillow's relation to the customers, and they're answering to it. Somehow the order of each talk is mixed and confused.