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A "guess the human" game has started
Tomorrow's dinner is you!


A game that started in a corner of Kourindou has been gaining popularity lately. Its name is "Are You a Human?", and the organizer herself is a non-human -- namely, one Ms. Kagerou Imaizumi. She took a game concept from the Outside World[1] that the proprietor of Kourindou had heard about from a visitor from the Outside World, and created a Gensokyo-style arrangement that one could say is an entirely new game.


But what makes this game so popular, even more than its novelty, is its irony of concept. The rules are as follows: From a group of multiple people, a moderator is selected. The moderator selects in advance one who will play the role of a "human" who is pretending to be a youkai, and through discussion the group tries to uncover who the "human" is. Then, one by one, the players "eat" the player that is most suspected of being a human. The game feels extremely refreshing.


"I wanted someone to chat with in my spare time, and asked the owner of Kourindou for advice. He ended up teaching me this game as a way to chat with others."


We asked some people who have participated in the game for their impressions. "I was eaten straight away, so I couldn't really participate," "I gained some appreciation of what it must be like to be a food item," and "It made me feel hungry" were some positive comments.

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  1. Also known as "Werewolf". It has many variants, then the most popular title is "Are You a Werewolf?" Kagerou is basically flipping the roles in the game.