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Страницы 96-97
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At last: The countdown to the Aerial Ropeway
A change on the mountain's power relationships


The "ropeway" that connects the foot of Youkai Mountain to Moriya Shrine at its peak is finally complete, and it appears it will begin service operations soon as well. While there had been many heated debates surrounding the ropeway that split the mountain in two, after a recent visit by Ms. Kanako Yasaka to the Great Tengu, the debates finally calmed down and construction began to proceed smoothly.


However, it will be tough for the underlings from here on out. While there has been no official appointment, the belief that "There'll be even more work for us now" has begun to circulate among the white wolf tengu who are in charge of security, particularly the underlings.


"I did hear something about security, but they generally don't tell us the reasons for things like this. I also have some doubts about the whole thing. In the first place, letting outsiders into the mountain is a little..." were the complaints of one white wolf tengu. Many people feel discontent with having to pay the consequences for the decisions made by the upper class. Even the Tengu society is far from perfect, so it might be worth considering once again whether a reform is in order.

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