Rumbling Spell Orchestra/Карты с персонажами/Ночь

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永遠と須臾の罪人 (The Eternal and Brief Criminal)
Кагуя Хорайсан

Basic Information
Card Number: 1200
Designations: Lunarian, Eientei
Quote: «Worry not, for I will show you… the miasma of the true moon!»
Artist: Sou
Game Information
Hit Points: 25
Evasion Value: 2
Border Value: 4
Special: [Battle Phase] 2 SP Look at the top two cards of your deck. Choose one of them and move it to the bottom, and leave the other one at the top.

月の頭脳 (The Brain of the Moon)
Эйрин Ягокоро

Basic Information
Card Number: 1300
Designations: Lunarian, Eientei
Quote: «And by the way… drugs can be used to attack, too!»
Artist: Tako
Game Information
Hit Points: 22
Evasion Value: 2
Border Value: 3
Special: [Battle Phase] 2 SP One of your Spell Cards that has Basic Abilities gains +1 HV. (This effect only usable once per phase.)

狂気の月の兎 (The Lunatic Moon Rabbit)
Рейсен Удонгейн Инаба

Basic Information
Card Number: 1400
Designations: Youkai, Eientei
Quote: «I’ll show you everything I’ve got — the Lunar Insanity!»
Artist: Nenehisa Akiyama
Game Information
Hit Points: 19
Evasion Value: 3
Border Value: 3
Special: [Battle Phase/Intercept] 3 SP The Spell Card that your opponent uses gains −1 HV. (This effect only usable once per phase.)